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What We Register

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration


Step 1: 
You complete our online form, then we contact you and discuss order details.
Step 2: 
Within 3 business days after the payment of a legal fee, we will finish a comprehensive trademark research and send you a well-structured Trademark Search Report via e-mail.
Step 3: 
We provide you a consultation about the change of a mark (if the search found similar marks), answer to your questions regarding the search results and registration process.
Step 4: 
Experienced IP lawyer will collect all necessary documents, draft the application in accordance with all laws and official requirements and provide it to you for review (depending on the workload up to 5 business days from the delivery of a search report). 
Step 5:
After your approval and payment of an official fee, we will file your trademark application online


Service 1        
A comprehensive trademark search which includes analysis of the registrability of your mark, its distinctiveness conflicts with prior identical, similar and even resembling trademarks. In the US we also search for common law trademarks.
During the search our specialists also determine to which ICGS* classes your products or services belong and calculate official fees that will be applied in your case.
Service 2  
Free second search if your mark is already used by third party.
Service 3
Trademark Search Report with legal opinion on the prospects of registration, all results explained and official fees calculated. 
Service 4  
Short consultation with attorney regarding the results of a search.
Service 5  
Preparation of materials, drafting and filing your TM application.
Service 6  
Maintenance of an application during the registration. 
Service 7  
Responding to non-substantive IP Office Actions on your behalf.
Service 8  
Delivery of registration documents to you via e-mail or regular post.
* ICGS - International Classification of Goods and Services



* Please note that the price is indicated for the registration in one jurisdiction.

All international registrations are being discussed separately.


** Official fees vary depending on the country. Above listed are the most popular jurisdictions. If you want to register your trademark in another jurisdiction, please contact us to get more specific information.

In many countries legal fees also depend on the number of ICGS classes you want to register your TM in or on the use/non-use of your trademark. The exact sum of official fees is calculated on the stage of comprehensive trademark search or you can request our quote before ordering our services.

$350 £200 $450**

          USA                        UK                   CANADA          

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