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Jussential was established in 2017 by people, who are obsessed with creativity, innovation and the power of human ideas. We believe that by providing legal services of the highest quality possible we could help businesses and creators to drive the progress forward. 

A mix of experience in serving leading international corporations and creative thinking of young lawyers makes our company a perfect fit for a wide range of clients - from Amazon sellers and IT startups to multinational product brands.

Innovative approach is not just a catchy phrase for us. We are always eager to improve customer experience and make communication between a lawyer and the client as comfortable as it is possible. Flexibility is one of our main values - we can work as a classic law firm with all related formalities, or we can become your new friend who helps your business in an informal way.

"I believe that the best legal service is the one which the client is fully confident in"

                     Ivan Shatov, Founder 


Our Services


We provide a full scope of consulting services that include trademark and patent clearance researches, drafting IP-related agreements, assistance in IP disputes and advice regarding management of your intellectual property 


Our law firm will register your trademark, design or copyright in the US, European Union and a row of other jurisdictions. We conduct professional trademark registrati-on as well as industrial design (design patent in US) and copyright registration


We conduct brand protection, copyright and patent enfocement globally by sending professionally drafted  legal letters such as cease and desist letters and takedown notices. For IP infringements that take place in Ukraine, we provide a full scope of protection instruments: test purchases and sampling, investigation, pre-trial enforcement and litigation in Ukrainian courts


15a Tumaniana str., Kyiv, Ukraine

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